Improve Your Google Ranking with
Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Having an incredible well-built website is pretty much useless without having visitors. They need to be qualified people in your targeted audience who are genuinely interested in the offerings your business has. Using target keywords to improve your search engine ranking and send high-quality traffic to your website is essential.

Improve your ranking on Google by choosing us as your SEO company that delivers quality improved rankings for your keyword searches with quality content, technical improvements to your website and relevant link building.

Why Should I pay for Organic SEO Services?

People place trust in the natural first-page search results on Google for delivering honourable trustworthy links. Being on the first page of Google search engine results page is essential to getting quality leads and making sales.

  • Investment in Organic SEO is cheaper than scaling an Adwords Campaign, but also they can work to compliment each other.
  • First-page organic position on Google will give a definite increase in visitors to your website who are also highly qualified leads as they have found you via specific keywords.
  • Your competition is using this method.
  • Results last longer, if you stop paying for ads your traffic comes to a halt immediately.

I can just run ads?

The quickest way to get traffic is to use Google Adwords or Facebook ads and target people who you feel are looking for your business through targeted keywords and demographics.

However, these pay per click ads directly cost money every single time your ad is clicked. Trust can be lost with online advertising as almost any company can purchase ads with zero credibility.

We've all seen ads on Facebook with offers that are too good to be true, and they usually are. More often than not Facebook removed the ads, but reputational damage can already be done by then.

Website Performance Tuning

In this example below, we tuned an eCommerce project to save more than 80% in realtime speed in loading. This gave the end customer much more responsive user experience and bounce rate of users dropped significantly. This, in turn, leads to an increase in sales on the website.

At the same time, the significant increase in speed was also picked up by Google helping to position it higher for relevant search engine results.

Before 11.1 Second Load Time
After 2.1 Second Load Time

Google Rich Data

Rich Snippets takes content from a webpage and structures it into an easier indexable microformat. This microdata can be used to hold data for store locations, business opening hours, product details and in the example below of our website "Reviews". The 5 Star displayed look visually more appealing and stand out above other websites in the results page. Also, this structure has contributed to the page in reaching the number one result on Google Search locally.

Google Rich Data displaying reviews in #1 Position on Google

Search Engine Optimisation FAQ

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