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Stephen Nutley

Stephen Nutley

Business Owner

Snazzy is a Digital Agency based in Dublin, Ireland, created by Stephen Nutley back in 2006. From a young age, Stephen was heavily influenced by his father who ran a traditional advertising agency, placing press, radio and TV ads for a collection of nationwide clients. Being around this environment from a young age lead to keen interest in the industry and passion to learn and embrace technology.

Stephen worked school holidays in a family run printing works, learning some of the technical skills of print production. Finishing school he started a junior position in the print shop's design studio. As the design studio client's needs expanded towards digital this was an area he took to passion to, by combining traditional print design techniques with the interactivity of the expanding world wide web.

After working successfully for a variety of websites, for large and small organisations, with his job, including some government based projects, Stephen took the decision to go out on his own offering a full-service graphic design and web design services.

His successful technique has been to learn and embrace technology, and as a result, offer real-world simple solutions to customers online business problems. Currently Snazzy had near 100 clients, primarily in Ireland, but also dotted around the globe.