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CS-CART was one of the first eCommerce platforms that we tested more than 10 years ago. We tested it against a variety of competitors on the market at the time, and again a few years ago. We believe it to be one of the strongest e-commerce platforms available on the market today. We're proud to be an officially authorized reseller of CS-CART based in Dublin, Ireland.

Why we use CS-CART for our larger eCommerce projects?

Powerful Admin Interface

CS-CART features an incredibly powerful user-friendly admin interface to give full control over the management and running of your store. Easily create and edit products, from simple products to complex products with multiple sizes and colour options.

On top of this CS-CART includes a full stock management system making sure you have full control of the items you have appearing online.

Easily view, edit and manage orders placed by customers.


Custom Addon Development

CS-CART features an addon system and API that allow for the creation of more complex ecommerce websites. There is a large range of third-party addons available through the CS-CART Marketplace.

Need other software to integrate with your ecommerce store? We can make it happen. From review systems, custom courier companies, warehouse management systems to selling renal products online. CS-CART is incredibly versatile in making your online business work how it should.

Mobile & Responsive Design

CS-CART has a powerful block layout grid system that utilises Bootstrap. This allows for visually stunning websites to be delivered to your customers, but more importantly that they also work on a multitude of devices. Our own studies have shown that 50% of website traffic can be on Mobile and Tablet devices, so ensuring that your website works on mobile is essential along with blazingly fast load times.


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