Why you shouldn’t update to WordPress 5.0

December 5, 2018

So Automatic the parent company of WordPress is on the eve of a significant update from the previous 4.0 branch of the software. Although I'm confident that considerable testing has been done on the core software, and it should be 99.9% fine, your website won't be. Now is not the…

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4 essential security tips to help protect your website

December 2, 2018

We've put together some security tips that although are pretty basic are surprisingly not always followed. Like placing an alarm or CCTV on your family home, your less likely of a target compared to the house with no security, so taking the first steps to secure your website is essential.…

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Why we don’t use Shopify

November 30, 2018

Let's start by saying that Shopify is an incredible platform. Its had great success with hobbyist entrepreneurs who are starting off their careers selling online. Their simple interface makes it a breeze to set up a new store, import products. The ability to link to PayPal and Stripe is straightforward.…

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Premade Themes, why we don’t use them…

November 25, 2018

Over the years there have been some incredible visually stunning premade WordPress themes available for free and at a premium. Often we browse some of these designs for inspiration for designs for some of the projects we’re workingnon. However visual aesthetics is often the only thing they have going for…

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Can you finish my Website?

November 23, 2018

Sitting in the office and get a phone call from someone interested in using us to help develop their online presence and get them selling online. But from the beginning, they told me how they have already this project started and are looking for us to help finish the project. Now not to be rude, but this just isn’t the way we work, as it always involves inheriting problems other developers/designers have made. Poor code, poor decision making and no joined-up thinking on how to properly implement an e-commerce solution. But here’s the critical problem:

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How we manage projects

November 2, 2017

Part of creating a successful relationship between a web consultant and a client is organised communication. Traditionally even simple projects end up being a mess of emails with short snippets. Important items are

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